Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Participants in an appeal

When you file or participate in an appeal with the Social Security Tribunal (SST), different people are involved in the process.


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Every appeal will have:

  • Decision maker

    • SST member – An impartial person who decides the outcome of the appeal.

  • Parties to an appeal – The people who can actively participate in the appeal and who may be directly impacted by the SST’s decision.

    • Appellant – The person who files an appeal.

    • Respondent – The person defending the decision being appealed.

An appeal may include:

  • Potential party to an appeal

    • Added party – Another person who could be impacted by the decision.

  • Representative – The person chosen by an appellant, a respondent or an added party to help them with their appeal.

  • Witness – Testifies at a hearing to support the argument or position of the appellant, the respondent or the added party.

  • Support person – Provides moral support or assistance to one of the parties.

  • Interpreter – Provides language or sign language interpretation services.

In very rare circumstances, it may also include: 

  • Intervener – A person or organization who has expertise on an issue of public interest and whose point of view would help the SST member decide an appeal

  • Observer – Attends a hearing simply to listen.

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