Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Social Security Tribunal members

The Social Security Tribunal (SST) member is the person who decides the outcome of your appeal. They make decisions based on what the law says.

Members are impartial and independent. They don’t work for Service Canada, the Canada Employment Insurance Commission or Employment and Social Development Canada.

At the SST, members work at the General Division or the Appeal Division. They all work for the SST, but they make their decisions independently.

Members come from all walks of life. They are specially trained to hear your appeal. See the full list of members currently appointed to the SST.

Member Code of Conduct

Ethics and accountability are essential to a justice system that works for Canadians. 

The Code of Conduct for Members of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada describes what we expect of our members. It lists the standards of behaviour that members have to follow as fair and impartial decision makers.

If you believe that an SST member has done something that goes against the Code of Conduct, you can submit a complaint using the complaints process.

How members are chosen

Members are appointed by the federal government through a multi-step process.  

  • First, there’s an open, merit-based selection process. This means the selection process is designed to identify highly qualified candidates who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to fill the position. They must meet any eligibility factors and/or conditions of employment required. The process includes a written exam and an interview. 
  • Next, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages recommends candidates to Cabinet. 
  • Finally, the Governor in Council appoints members based on Cabinet’s recommendation. 

Members are appointed for terms of up to 5 years. 

For more information on the selection process, visit the Governor in Council appointments website

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