Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Support persons

A support person attends a hearing to provide moral support or assistance to one of the parties. 

What support persons do

You can have people at the hearing with you to support you and to help you participate fully in the hearing. 

Accommodation and accessibility support

We want to make sure you can fully participate in our proceedings, including your hearing. We will do our best to remove barriers to participation and ensure equal access to our services. In some cases, this could include having a personal support person helping you at your hearing. For more information, see: Accommodation and accessibility procedure

Moral support

Members do their best to put everyone at ease, but we understand that hearings can make some people nervous. You can ask a friend or family member to come to your hearing to give you moral support. They can’t speak for you and they can’t give evidence. They’re just there to make you feel more comfortable.

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