Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Social Security Tribunal accommodation and accessibility policy

The Tribunal wants to ensure that everyone can participate in its proceedings on an equal basis and will provide accommodation (alternate arrangements) as explained in this policy.

Client service

We are committed to providing excellent client service and equal access so everyone can fully participate in our processes.

We consider the following principles when making our processes accessible:

  • Services will be provided in a way that:
    • respects participants’ dignity and independence;
    • promotes physical and functional access to our processes; and
    • encourages inclusion and full, meaningful participation.
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from and use Tribunal services.
  • Upon request, we will provide personalized accommodation as much as reasonably possible.
  • Accommodation is a shared responsibility. We will work with parties, representatives, service providers, and the public to provide suitable accommodations for all CHRA-related needs.


We will communicate with people in ways that take into account their specific needs.

Support persons

We welcome persons supporting those with disabilities.

Requests for accommodation

If you need accommodation, contact us. You may also consult the Social Security Tribunal accommodation and accessibility procedure.

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