Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Interpreters and translation

During your appeal process, you can communicate with us in English or French. If it’s difficult for you to communicate in either of these languages, we have services available to help you. 

How to get an interpreter

You can ask for an interpreter at any point either by phone or in writing. There’s also a spot to ask for an interpreter on the forms for your appeal

You can also contact us for help. If you need help, contact us as early as possible. 

To get the most accurate interpretation service, please tell us your exact language and dialect. If applicable, you can tell us your country of origin too. 

Translation of documents

All the documents you give us must be in either English or French. If you send us documents in another language, we can’t accept them. We’ll return them to you. 

If you have documents in another language, you must get them translated into English or French before sending them to us.

If you give us a translated document, you must also give us:

  • The translator’s contact information (address, phone number and email)
  • A signed and dated declaration from the translator that the translation is complete and accurate
  • Both the document in its original language and the translated version 

You’re responsible for the cost of translating your documents into English or French. 

We may check the translation for accuracy.

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