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Your Appeal Division hearing – Employment Insurance (EI) appeals

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Why is there a hearing?

To help the Appeal Division member (decision-maker) decide:

  • If the General Division made a mistake
    • The member can consider only certain types of mistakes (see Part 5 of your Application to the Appeal Division for examples)
  • How to fix the mistake, if there is one
    • The member can
      • Replace the General Division’s decision with a new one OR
      • send the file back to the General Division to reconsider its decision
    • You could end up with a different decision or the same decision as before.

Who will be there?

  • You
  • Your representative, if you have one
  • An Appeal Division member
  • A representative from Canada Employment Insurance Commission
  • Another party to the appeal and their representative (if any)

Other people can be there:

  • Support person
  • Interpreter
  • Observer(s)

Alternate arrangements

If you need alternate arrangements (accommodation), let us know as soon as possible. Some examples are:

  • an interpreter, if English or French isn’t your first language
  • breaks during the hearing
  • asking participants to speak loudly or slowly
  • dimmed lighting at your hearing

How do I get ready?

At the hearing, you’ll be able to make your arguments and answer the member’s questions.

To prepare:

  • Read the General Division documents and the other party’s arguments
  • Organize the appeal documents so you can find things easily during the hearing

Be ready to:

  • Explain the mistakes you think the General Division made
  • Explain how you want the member to fix the mistakes and why
  • Or, if someone else appealed, explain why you think the General Division reached the right decision
  • Say what information in the General Division documents and decision supports your arguments (use the numbers at the bottom of the pages)
  • Respond to the other party’s arguments
  • Answer questions from the member about your arguments

How does the hearing start?

The member will tell you their name. We don’t use the title “Your Honour.” The member will call you “Mr.”, “Ms.”, or the title you request.

The member will explain how the hearing will run and answer any questions you may have.

Can I testify about the benefits I want?

No. You won’t be able to testify or give new information about your benefits claim. The Appeal Division looks for and fixes the General Division’s mistakes. So, the Appeal Division generally can’t consider evidence the General Division didn’t have.

When will I get the decision?

You’ll usually get the decision within 60 days after your hearing.


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