Social Security Tribunal of Canada

New style guides for Social Security Tribunal decisions


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve revamped our SST Style Guide and Guide de rédaction des décisions du TSS. The goal is to help members write decisions that are easy to read.

Having clear, consistent communication is part of our continued commitment to access to justice (A2J).

What’s in the style guides?

  • Clear emphasis on plain language and readability—hallmarks of writing with a focus on A2J
  • Focus on readability at every level—from introducing reader-friendly font to making the most of lists to help readers understand decisions
  • A dedicated chapter on plain language in law, with tried-and-tested strategies for writing legally-sound, plain language decisions
  • An expanded chapter on inclusive writing, reflecting latest government standards for gender-inclusive writing

The English and French versions of the guide cover similar topics, yet each addresses the unique linguistic and stylistic concerns of each language.

Paul Aterman
Paul Aterman
Social Security Tribunal of Canada
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