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Data shows that our navigator service works


Now that our Canada Pension Plan disability appeals (General Division) navigator service has been around for a while, it’s time to see how well it’s working. I’m pleased to share the results of an internal evaluation of the navigator service after its first year of operation.

Data shows the service is effective. The report found that most people who have a navigator:

  • understand the appeal process better, including the role of everyone involved in the appeal
  • become ready for their hearing more quickly
  • participate more fully in their appeal
  • and are less likely to withdraw their appeal

There’s still room for improvement. The report recommended that we:

  • track and address the needs of people who still face difficulties participating in their appeal
  • encourage navigators to more actively communicate with decision-makers, within the limits allowed, to facilitate people’s participation in their hearing
  • monitor caseload trends and challenges raised by employees to make sure we meet the needs for resources, training and navigator wellbeing

The evaluation only examined Canada Pension Plan disability appeals at the General Division, because that’s the first area where navigators started working in 2019. Since then, we’ve grown the service at both the General Division and the Appeal Division. We’ll continue enhancing the navigator service across the board by acting on the report’s recommendations.

This type of service is breaking new ground in access to justice! We’re committed to making it the best it can be, to make the appeal process more accessible.

Paul Aterman
Paul Aterman
Social Security Tribunal of Canada
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