Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Client satisfaction survey – April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021

General Division (Employment Insurance and Income Security) and Appeal Division survey results

Overall satisfaction: 93%

Appeal type Satisfaction Response rate Participants
Employment Insurance ( EI ) 94% 67% 204
Income Security ( IS ) 92% 52% 96
Appeal Division ( AD )1 85% 46% 16

Were forms, letters and emails easy to understand? 

Employment Insurance Income Security Appeal Division Combined
92% 96% 88% 93%
  • Comments indicated that appellants found the forms too long and full of legal terms which were difficult for them to understand
  • Several commenters suggested that the volume of emails and letters made it difficult to read through and understand important takeaways


  • [Translated] “The documents are hard to understand because I might have a general understanding, but not necessarily a legal understanding, which needs help from a legal standpoint. The problem is this costs money. Free help to guide us at the beginning of an appeal would be appreciated, thanks.” (Appellant, Appeal Division – Employment Insurance)
  • “I evaluate it at 5/10, due to too many emails, and you should have a one page document to explain which documents will be looked at the hearing, thank you.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)

Before the hearing, did you know what to expect and how to prepare? 

Employment Insurance Income Security Appeal Division Combined
88% 88% 75% 87%
  • Commenters continued to highlight a lack of knowledge about the structure of a hearing and about what documents to prepare
  • Many commenters requested the addition of a phone call prior to their hearing to explain the process, indicating that many people were unreachable by phone. Some who did receive their call found it helpful


  • [Translated] “I didn’t know what to expect, it was difficult, thanks.” (Appellant, General Division – Income Security)
  • “I did not sleep the night before the hearing. You should have a one page document that tells us what to expect, and someone to call us about it, thank you.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)

Were you able to participate fully, for example: answer questions, correct errors and explain your case? 

Employment Insurance Income Security Appeal Division Combined
97% 91% 94% 95%
  • Several commenters stated that lack of knowledge about how the hearing would proceed hindered participation
  • Many commenters described the Members as helpful and understanding


  • “I felt it was the first time someone was really listening to what I had to say. I was very comfortable with the adjudicator.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)
  • “It is an emotional process….if I understood the overall process I would have done a better job. Perhaps a layout of the process could go online.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)

Did the SST handle your appeal quickly? 

Employment Insurance Income Security Appeal Division Combined
96% 84% 75% 91%
  • While commenters continue to find the overall appeal process very long, several General Division – Employment Insurance appellants noted that they found the SST very quick in communicating and scheduling the hearing


  • “From start to finish it was long but towards the end it was fairly quick.” (Appellant, General Division – Income Security)
  • “The whole process has been long. Disability files should be expedited, they should be done within weeks or a month.” (Appellant, General Division – Income Security)

Were you happy with the form of hearing? 

pie chart of teleconference and zoom percentages
  • Many technical difficulties were reported in comments Specifically:
    • Low sound level (teleconference)
    • Difficulty logging in (videoconference)
  • Commenters continue to express a preference for an in-person hearing, if the option were available


  • [Translation] “I got disconnected 3 times while waiting for the [SST] member, can you do something to prevent this, thanks.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance – Teleconference)
  • “The audio was poor, and the member had to repeat herself several times.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance – Teleconference)

Did you visit the website? Was it easy to find what you were looking for?

pie chart of visits to Tribunal website
  • Commenters who did not use the website remarked that they were not aware of the website (23%), did not have access to a computer or the internet (16%), or felt they already had all the necessary paperwork (56%)
  • Website users commonly found information difficult to locate


  • “I never knew [the website] existed because no one told me about it.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)
  • “I needed help to find the form on your website, thank you.” (Appellant, General Division – Employment Insurance)

Was your Navigator helpful in getting you ready for your hearing?

    Compass graphic icon

    62 navigated appellants responded to the survey in Quarter 1. The April to June data shows:

    • 90% of Navigated appellants were satisfied with their hearing experience overall.
    • 95% of respondents were satisfied with their Navigator.
    • Navigated appellants rated high levels of satisfaction (85%-100%) on all questions.


    • “The Navigator was really helpful from the start of the appeal until the hearing, thank you.” (Appellant, General Division – Income Security)
    • “He talked more about the procedure, not about getting ready. You really do need a lawyer, someone on their own really can't deal with this. It's a fight between lawyers. It's a legal case.” (Appellant, Appeal Division – Employment Insurance)
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