Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Other CPP Appeal Division: How to appeal

Asking for permission to appeal

The form asks you to explain why you think the General Division made a mistake based on a ground of appeal. This is where you give the “reasons for your appeal.” At this stage, you need to convince the Appeal Division to allow your appeal to go ahead. You have to show the Appeal Division that you have an argument that could possibly succeed.


An appeal is free.

But you may have some of the following costs:

  • making photocopies of documents you want to send to us
  • sending documents to us by Canada Post or a courier service
  • hiring a representative
  • translating documents into either English or French
  • travelling to an in-person hearing

In very rare cases, you may be able to get reimbursed for certain costs. The SST Chairperson decides. The law explains when reimbursement is possible. See section 63(1) of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act.

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