Social Security Tribunal of Canada

EI General Division: When you’ll get your decision

After your hearing, you’ll usually get your decision within 15 days.

We’ll send you the decision. If you have a representative, they’ll get it too.

Some decisions are published online

We publish many SST decisions online. This helps us be accountable and transparent. If anyone wants to understand how the SST works, they can look up our decisions.

When we publish decisions, we protect personal information. You can read the details about how we do this—by balancing open justice and privacy.

If you disagree with the General Division’s decision

Appealing to the Appeal Division

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You can ask for permission to appeal the decision you got from the General Division to the SST’s Appeal Division. This is the second level of appeal at the SST.

You can’t just appeal to the Appeal Division because you disagree with the General Division decision. There are only a few reasons why you can appeal to the Appeal Division. There’s also a deadline for appealing.

Reopening the decision

In limited circumstances, you may be able to get the SST to reopen the General Division decision after you receive it. You must show that your request relates to new facts or some relevant fact

To apply to reopen a General Division decision, write us to ask to “rescind or amend” the decision. This means you’ll ask us to cancel or change the decision. If an SST member cancels a decision, they’ll replace it with a new one.

This is different than appealing to the Appeal Division. Learn about reopening a decision and the limited circumstances that allow for it.

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